Personal Narrative: PJ Our Way kids share their stories!

Personal Narrative: PJ Our Way kids share their stories!

Inspired by PJ Our Way book Detour Ahead, PJ Our Way kids share personal accounts of their own “life’s detours.”

An empty theater

In the Spotlight

“When I was 9, I entered a storytelling competition. I had to memorize a five-minute story on video and was really nervous about it. But then I won! I got to perform at a festival and I had so much fun. I learned that even if I'm nervous, I can push through it.”

- Tilly, age 12, Florida

A suburban neighborhood

New Neighbors

“One thing that has been unexpected to me was when my grandparents moved from New Jersey (an 8-hour drive from where I live) to a couple blocks away from my house in Ohio this year in 2021. One way this is really good is because where I live there are not so many Jews that keep Shabbat and live a walking distance away. Also, it's nice to have someone around who gets you, believes in you, thinks about you and lastly, is there for you whenever you need them in any case scenario. Therefore, I think the way they support me and my family is really life changing. The End.”

- Rivka, age 11, Ohio

A drawing of arms holding things in the air

Silver Lining

“Just be careful, okay?” my parents said. One event that changed my life forever is the fact that covid happened. Everyone has been staying distanced, and it was so unexpected, so no one knew it was coming. It all seemed bad: online classes, no birthday parties … what was a 3rd supposed to do all day? But little did I know, there was also a benefit to covid. Not only for me - for everyone. After it happened, everyone depended on everyone else. Every person was in it together. People started helping out more, keeping everyone safe. Covid has taught us to work together even when it seems hopeless. So whenever you're in a jam that seems like there's no way out - just try to find the bright side.”

- Abigail, age 11, Florida

An empty school hallway

Bad and Good

“When covid hit, it changed my life. When covid hit, it closed down school, which was a bad thing. It did let me see my grandma more.”

- Jordan, age 12, Florida

A dalmatian sitting

Furry Friend

“Something that changed my life for the better was when we got a dog. It was a bit of a surprise when my mom first said we might because some people in my family are a bit scared of dogs. Then, we met the dog we have today and I'm actually really happy we did. She's very sweet and I've never pictured myself loving a dog as much as I love her.”

- Maya, age 13, New Jersey

Check out Detour Ahead to follow characters Gilah and Guillermo as they encounter their own triumphs, setbacks, and surprises!

Did you ever experience your own “life's detour”? Tell the story in the comments!


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Jun 12, 2022 @ 1:06PM


Good for you Tilly! I love to act but I vividly remember the first time I got a lead role how sacred I was, now I'm always excited and only nervous before it starts (which is normal) but great job Tilly! The more you do it the less scared you are!

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Mar 09, 2022 @ 6:41PM


I really liked the words you used. It sounded like I was reading an autobiography.

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Mar 05, 2022 @ 3:00PM


Furry Friend made my day. We have three dogs. Their names are Blue, Wall-E, and Faith. We also have a fish.

kid avatar
Mar 01, 2022 @ 8:45AM


Nice books

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