Saying Thanks to the 2021 National Advisory Committee!

Saying Thanks to the 2021 National Advisory Committee!

A big THANK YOU to this year’s Advisory Committee. Check out some of their awesome projects!

A big THANK YOU! to the 2021 National Advisory Committee! Over 200 kids read and reviewed potential PJ Our Way books, giving the Book Selection Committee valuable feedback that’s taken very seriously. The Advisory Committee also participated in some special projects – take a look at some of them below!
Cardboard Birdfeeder by Megan

Creative Collection

PJ Our Way kids share fun and inventive DIY projects that anyone can make. Happy crafting!

Challah Recipe by Emilia

Emilia’s Challah

National Advisory Committee member Emilia shares her easy and delicious challah recipe!

Writing Spotlight

Writing Spotlight

Inspired by PJ Our Way books, Advisory Committee members Maddie and Delilah share original creative writing.

Thank you to the 2021 Advisory Committee for a great year! Explore the Kids Blog to see more of their awesome projects.


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