Tips for a PJ Our Way Book Swap!

Tips for a PJ Our Way Book Swap!

As we start a new school year, it’s time to get rid of your old books to make room for the new!  Here’s how to host a fun “PJOW Book Swap” (and make some ice cream sundaes) with your friends!

1.  Invite your friends to bring as many books as they would like! A book that just collects dust at one person’s house might be read over and over at someone else’s house.

2.  Make sure you have plenty of space to lay out all the books.   It will be easier for your friends to browse if they can see all the titles without having to move around piles of books. 

3.  For swapping books, there are a couple of options:  You can make it a free-for-all where guests can take as many books as they would like. Or, if you prefer to be a bit more organized, give each friend a raffle ticket for each book they bring to the party. Then take turns letting everyone choose a book until they run out of tickets.

4.  Before you start the swap, encourage friends to write a sentence or two on a sticky note about each book they are donating.  Then stick these notes on each book!  Have PJ Our Way books to swap?  Check out the PJ Our Way website reviews to see what other kids think.

5.  Celebrate your book swap by making ice cream sundaes, or get creative by having snacks that go with a theme in your favorite book!

6.  Can’t host at home?  No problem!  Meet up with friends at a local ice cream parlor, a pizza place, or a Starbucks.  Do your book swapping over a hot chocolate, ice cream, or pizza to share.


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