What Did You Do at Camp?

What Did You Do at Camp?

Hi! I just got back from a Jewish overnight camp! The experience was awesome!

We were divided into villages. Chalutzim (Pioneers) for 2nd - 5th grade; Ohalim (Tents) for 6th - 7th grade, Noar (Teens) for 8th – 9th grade; and Solel (Trailblazers) for 10th grade. We went swimming, boating, and on a field trip. Each week we signed up for three chugs (weekly electives). Some of the options were: Climbing, Tower, Archery, Media (video and radio), and Extreme Ropes! There were so many other activities like Horse Back Riding/ Horse Care, Yoga, Pottery, Arts and Crafts, and so many Sports! There are many other activities that I didn't list. On Friday night, we would all put on nice clothes and walk down to the Chapel (in the forest) for services. On Saturday mornings we would have services and then Chofesh (free time). Camp was so much fun! Tell me about your summer down in the comments!

Hannah, age 10, Ohio


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Dec 02, 2015 @ 10:40PM


I went to another jewish camp, called Camp Ramah, in Ojai! It was super fun, and everyone their is super close. If you read this comment and went to camp Ramah, comment and say so please! I want to know what other Ramahnicks are on PJ Our Way!

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