Our team of PJ Our Way professionals puts great thought into each month's selections. These books span a range of interests and reading levels, however, we cannot guarantee that every book is the right fit for every child. Each month, this blog will include updated parent information including summaries, discussion points, and content warnings for every title we offer.

Why We Chose This Book: Pickled Watermelon

Posted March 22, 2018  | Written by PJOW Parent

PJ Our Way is pleased to offer Pickled Watermelon in honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day), April 19, 2018. Pickled Watermelon tells the story of sixth-grader Molly who is going to Israel for a month to meet her mother's family. She is nervous about the trip, because she's shy and doesn't speak Hebrew, but she quickly adjusts and learns to love her grandparents and the Land. Read More »

Why We Chose This Book: The Lamp of Darkness

Posted March 22, 2018  | Written by PJOW Parent

With PJ Our Way we aim to connect kids with Jewish thoughts and ideas. But as we know, for kids to be engaged, they need to feel like these thoughts and ideas are relevant. A challenge that we have found is how to make biblical stories exciting, interesting, and relevant. When we first reviewed The Lamp of Darkness, we were thrilled with the story’s ability to bring biblical times and characters, specifically the story of king Ahab and Queen Isabel, to life. Read More »

The Story of Hanukkah

Posted December 01, 2017  | Written by Abby, Age 11, Ohio

Share the Hanukkah story with your children. Read More »

PJ Our Way Hanukkah Hub

Posted December 01, 2017  | Written by PJOW Parent

Welcome to PJ Our Way’s "Hanukkah Hub." Here you'll find everything you need to get ready for the Festival of Lights. Read More »

Lots of Latkes

Posted December 01, 2017  | Written by PJOW Parent

How do you feel about potato latkes? We like them a-latke! (That was pretty good, right?) Whether you’re a traditionalist and like eating your latkes with applesauce or sour cream or are looking to up your latke-making game, we’ve got a whole LOTTA latke knowledge to share.  Read More »