Our team of PJ Our Way professionals puts great thought into each month's selections. These books span a range of interests and reading levels, however, we cannot guarantee that every book is the right fit for every child. Each month, this blog will include updated parent information including summaries, discussion points, and content warnings for every title we offer.

The Whole Story of Half a Girl

Posted October 01, 2015  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Sixth grader, Sonia Nadhamuni, is half-Jewish and half-South Asian. When her father loses his job, she is forced to switch from a private, alternative school that she loves, to the local public school. Sonia struggles to understand herself and her Jewish identity, particularly in her relationships with Alisha (an African American aspiring writer) and Kate (a popular cheerleader). Read More »

When Life Gives You O.J.

Posted October 01, 2015  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Ten year-old Zelly Fried and her family live in Vermont with Zelly’s grandfather, “Ace” Greenberg.  Ace is loud, eccentric, and in-your-face and he has devised a plan to get Zelly the pet of her dreams: all she has to do is pretend that an old orange juice container is a dog; if she can feed and care for her “practice dog”, her parents may reward her hard work and responsible behavior by getting her a real one. The result is an engaging, contemporary story with lots of humor and an emphasis on the development of a close relationship between a girl and her grandfather. Read More »

Who Was Harry Houdini?

Posted October 01, 2015  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

For kids who love magic and who are intrigued by the legend of Harry Houdini, this is a fast-paced, informative, and exciting biography. Read More »

Stealing Home

Posted October 01, 2015  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Orphaned at age nine, Joey Sexton has already experienced a more fraught and complicated life than most adults. When Joey’s mother dies of an apparent drug overdose (which is not described in detail), he is sent from his home in the Bronx to live in Brooklyn with his mother’s Jewish family that he never knew existed. Life in post-war Brooklyn is already tough for a biracial kid, but now Joey must contend with his grandfather’s ambivalence about adopting him. To make matters worse, Joey is a die-hard Yankees fan and he has entered indisputable Dodgers territory! But with baseball as a backdrop, and Jackie Robinson as an inspiration, Joey manages to find his way into his grandfather’s heart as he discovers the true meaning of family,love, and loyalty.

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