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Posted February 21, 2020  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Check out PJ Our Way’s choices for March! Travel through Jewish folktales with a fast-paced graphic novel, help Danny discover who’s haunting his brother’s bedroom, read poignant verse as one girl finds her place in her large family, or hop on a magic carpet back to the Exodus from Egypt. From history to mystery, time-travel to tale-travel, any of these choices would be a great pick this month. Choose your book by March 10th!

The Book of Secrets book cover

The Book of Secrets by Mat Tonti

Ages 9+

205 pages

Rose sees a vision of her grandmother, who is supposed to be on vacation, calling to her for help. With her brother Ben’s assistance, she finds a magical book and lantern that give readers the power to enter stories from Jewish tradition and bring light into the darkness. Unfortunately, there’s someone else who is also bent on acquiring the book for her own dark purposes. In this fast-paced and well-drawn graphic novel, Rose and Ben travel through seven Jewish folktales and use their wits, courage, and strength to fight the darkness and save their grandparents.

Ghost in Apartment 2R book cover

The Ghost in Apartment 2R By Denis Markell

Ages: 10+

320 pages

When 13-year-old Danny Kantrowitz’s older brother finally goes to college, Danny can’t wait to move into the bigger bedroom. Unfortunately, his parents decide to rent the room out on AirHotel to make a little extra money to cover the cost of college. Soon, unexplained things start happening in the room, including sudden gusts of cold air, a strange face appearing at the window, and lights turning on in the middle of the night. Danny’s parents assume he’s just having a hard time adjusting to the new arrangements, but his best friends and their grandparents believe him and are determined to help him solve the mystery of the odd occurrences in the guest bedroom.

the Dollshop Downstairs book cover

Looking for Me By Betsy R. Rosenthal

Ages: 10+

176 pages

This touching book written in simple verse is based on the real-life experiences of the author's mother, Edith, who grew up in a large family in Baltimore during the Great Depression. Edith's voice is beautifully authentic, and the simple poems poignantly describe her life through good and bad times.

Scarlett and Sam escape from egypt Book Cover

Scarlett and Sam: Escape from Egypt By Eric A. Kimmel

Ages: 9+

168 pages

When twins Scarlett and Sam argue over who will ask the Four Questions at their Passover Seder, their grandmother explains that the story of the Exodus connects the Jewish people through the centuries, the way her old Persian carpet is woven into a whole from many threads. The children suddenly find themselves flying back in time on the carpet to the time of Moses and the Pharaoh – back to the Exodus from Egypt. This is a light time-travel novel that really brings the Passover story to life. There is plenty to amuse kids, like the sibling rivalry between Moses and Pharaoh and the kids’ podcasting from ancient Egypt, but there is also some poignancy. This is a fun, informative, and very kid-friendly choice for younger readers.

What do you think of this month’s books? Comment below to let us know.

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