Your PJ Our Way Books for January

Posted December 01, 2018  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Take a peek at PJ Our Way’s choices for January! This month, meet a girl who can communicate with the dead, a tree who tells an enchanting story of friendship, a boy who takes his family on an exciting vacation, and a kid who’s torn between his love for baseball and his family’s Jewish traditions. These four very different stories are all distinctly charming, and each is certain to put a smile on any reader’s face.


Wishtree by Katherine Applegate

Ages 9+

224 pages

When gentle Samar moves into the neighborhood, she befriends the tenants of Red, a northern red oak tree: an opossum family, a skunk family, and Red’s best friend, a crow named Bongo. But when someone carves a mean word on Red’s trunk, everything changes. Narrated by Red, otherwise known as Wishtree, this beautiful story of dreamers, friendship, and nature will charm readers young and old.  

Mort Ziff is Not Dead

Mort Ziff is Not Dead by Cary Fagan

Ages 9+

176 pages

It’s the winter of 1965, and Norman Fishbein has decided to use his contest winnings to fly his family from their home in Toronto to Palm Beach. Over the course of the week’s vacation, Norman makes friends with a girl his age and finds a new way to connect with his older brothers as they work together to help an aging comedian keep his job at the luxury hotel where they are staying. This heartwarming story of a young boy who takes his family on the trip of a lifetime -- in more ways than one -- will introduce young readers to a different era in Jewish American history.

Small Medium at Large

Small Medium at Large by Joanne Levy

Ages: 9+

205 pages

Being struck by lightning leaves seventh grader Lilah able to communicate with the dead. And life gets pretty interesting when she starts delivering messages from the great beyond. Will the deceased Mr. Finkel be able to help Lilah with her huge crush on his son, Andrew? Can Bubby Dora help Lilah’s lonely father find a new wife? This is a lighthearted coming-of-age book with a fun, supernatural twist.

The Saturday Secret

The Saturday Secret by Miriam Rinn

Ages: 10+

126 pages

Twelve-year-old Jason loves playing baseball. His stepfather, David, loves Jewish tradition. On Saturdays, the two clash as Jason is forced to miss his Little League games to observe Shabbat. Resentful, Jason continues to play on Shabbat without permission, inventing elaborate excuses to leave the house. His cover is blown when he is injured on the field, and he finally discovers what is truly important to his family.

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