Why We Chose This Book: Pickled Watermelon

Posted March 22, 2018  | Written by PJOW Parent

PJ Our Way is pleased to offer Pickled Watermelon in honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day), April 19, 2018.
We were thrilled when we first received the manuscript for Pickled Watermelon. We loved the title, and those of us who have visited and lived in Israel know that such a delicacy actually exists. We are always wondering how we can best connect today’s kids with a positive view of Israeli life without getting into complicated political issues. Pickled Watermelon was a perfect choice for us because it tells the story of sixth-grader Molly who is going to Israel for a month to meet her mother's family. She is nervous about the trip, because she's shy and doesn't speak Hebrew, but she quickly adjusts and learns to love her grandparents and the Land.  
After reading the book, one of our kid reviewers, Allison, age 10, said, “When I read this book, I not only got to learn about Israel and daily life there, but I got to learn about it through a character that was nervous, and definitely seemed to like it. The book also mentioned the different foods, monuments, and past times that most Israelis like to enjoy, which might be helpful if I want to travel there some day.”
If you want to learn more about the people, places, life, and culture of Israel, read Pickled Watermelon.
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