Who is Steven Spielberg?

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Who is Steven Spielberg book coverWhat the Book is About:

Ever since he was ten years old, Steven Spielberg knew that he wanted to create movies. His first film to win a prize was a nine-minute Western that earned him a merit badge in photography from the Boy Scouts. Kids who love television and movies – especially E.T. – will be fascinated by this easy to read biography about the incredibly talented Steven Spielberg.  

Jewish Content and Values

  • Steven Spielberg has done much for the preservation of Jewish Holocaust history. In 1994, he established the Shoah Visual History Foundation to preserve Holocaust survivors’ stories.
  • Shindler’s List, directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, is a movie that documents the life and work of Oskar Shindler, a German businessman who saved more than 1,000 Polish Jews during the Shoah by employing them in his factory. Steven Spielberg made the movie to honor his father’s relatives who died in the Holocaust in Russia and Poland, as well as the Nazis' other victims. 
  • Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg’s second wife, converted to Judaism in order to marry him.  

Positive Role Models

Steven Spielberg demonstrates commitment and hard work in order to achieve his tremendous success; he uses his wealth and influence not only to promote filmmaking and equality, but also to help the Jewish people worldwide.  

Content Advisory

Although this book is completely suitable for children ages 9-11, please be aware that many of Steven Spielberg’s films (some of which are described in the book in very general terms) are not appropriate for children in this age group.

Talk it Over

When Steven Spielberg created Jaws, he tried to make the shark seem as realistic and scary as possible. Why do you think that movie became so successful? Do you like to watch scary movies?  

More For You

The USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education was established by Steven Spielberg in 1994, one year after he completed his Oscar winning film, Schindler's List. Steven Spielberg donated his salary and all of the profits from the movie to found this organization, which is devoted to collecting and documenting video interviews from Holocaust survivors and witnesses. The Foundation library currently has over 53,000 video testimonies from 56 countries in 32 languages that expound on the Holocaust and include experiences from Jewish, Sinti and Roma, Jehovah's Witnesses, and homosexual survivors; from eugenic policies survivors, political prisoners, and non-Jewish forced laborers; from aid providers, rescuers, and liberators; and from War Crimes trial participants.

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