The Time Tunnel: Jerusalem Under Siege

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The Time Tunnel book coverWhat the Book is About:

The Time Tunnel is a popular Israeli series about ten year-old friends Dan and Sharon who travel back in time to periods in Israeli and Jewish history. In this English edition created just for PJ Our Way, Sharon and Dan end up in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City just as the Jewish inhabitants are surrendering to Jordan’s Arab Legion in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence. The story is fast-paced and exciting, and the sadness of defeat is tempered by the fact that Sharon and David know that one day Jews will again live freely in both the Old and New Cities of Jerusalem.

Jewish Content and Values

Ahavat Yisrael (love of Israel): This Jewish value refers both to the idea of loving fellow Jews as well as to the ideal of protecting the land of Israel. The Time Tunnel series highlights Jewish heroism from different time periods, telling the stories of those who made huge personal sacrifices to protect their fellow Jews and defend the land of Israel.

Positive Role Models

  • Sharon and Dan are the ten year-old heroes of The Time Tunnel series. In this first volume, they show great courage. As Jewish inhabitants flee Jerusalem’s Old City, Rachel, a young girl, gets wounded and separated from her family. Amidst bullets and explosions, Dan and Sharon manage to get Rachel to safety, risking their own safe return home.
  • Arik is a commander in the Haganah, the Jewish army established before the founding of the State of Israel. In the face of certain defeat in the Old City, he manages to keeps his calm and help direct the Jewish inhabitants to safety outside the Old City walls.

Talk it Over

Parents should know that while this book includes little in the way of gruesome details, the setting is still a battle and there is an ensuing defeat. While bullets and explosions are described and there is suspense, the book is not scary.

Topics To Discuss

  • Sharon and Dan discover that their favorite tunnel actually takes them back in time. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
  • To prove to Arik that he and Sharon are harmless kids from a future decade, Dan shows Arik his cell phone and takes a video. Do you think Dan made a mistake by doing this? Do you think this broke basic rules of time travel?

More For You

Israel Defense Forces (IDF)
The Haganah was the paramilitary Jewish army that existed before 1948. David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of the State of Israel, folded all military units, including the Hagannah and the Palmach strike force unit, into the IDF. Today, the IDF is the largest citizen army that includes full female conscription as well as male. Most Israeli teens join the army after completing 12th grade at age 19 and serve a mandatory three years. For many teens, their IDF service is a formative pre-university experience, as the IDF also provides educational and vocational training.

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