The Book of Secrets

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Book of Secrets book coverWhat the Book is About:

Rose sees a vision of her grandmother, who is supposed to be on vacation, calling to her for help. With her brother Ben’s assistance, she finds a magical book and lantern that give readers the power to enter stories from Jewish tradition and bring light into the darkness. Unfortunately, there’s someone else who is also bent on acquiring the book for her own dark purposes. In this fast-paced and well-drawn graphic novel, Rose and Ben travel through seven Jewish folktales and use their wits, courage, and strength to fight the darkness and save their grandparents.

Jewish Content and Values

  • All the stories in the book are based on Jewish traditional folk tales and Midrash (biblical commentary).
  • Rose and Ben are helped by a “doughlem,” a little Golem character made of challah dough.

Positive Role Models

  • Rose and Ben are clever and resourceful characters who are eager to fight the bad Sorceress and save their grandparents.

Content Advisory

Og, the giant in one of the stories, is quite hideous, though unlikely to disturb readers.

Talk it Over

In the story “Under the Bridge,” a clever girl travels far from home searching for treasure, only to discover that the treasure was under her house all along. What do you suppose Rabbi Nachman, the storyteller who told this tale, wanted people to think about when he told this story?

More for You

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was an eighteenth-century Torah scholar and mystic from Poland. The great grandson of the Baal Shem Tov (the founder of Hasidism), he reinvigorated the Hasidic movement by integrating Kabbalah (a Jewish mystical philosophy) with Torah learning and inspiring his followers to serve God with joy. He lived until the age of 38 and had many devoted Hasidim (followers). Their mantra, Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman (loosely translated to “Nachman from Uman”), became very popular in contemporary Israel and can be found woven into white knitted kippot (yarmulkes, or skullcaps), as graffiti, bumper stickers, jewelry, and especially in music. Every Rosh Hashanah, thousands of Breslovers from all over the world travel to pray at Rabbi Nachman’s grave in Uman.

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