Mister Lister by Lilah

Posted January 24, 2020  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

Reuven is the new kid at his school. All the other kids fit in just right, but Reuven can't seem to make good friends – he feels out of place. When his teacher Rabbi Goodman announces a Brachot Bee, Reuven thinks he might just be able to use his talent of memorization to become a hero! Read Mister Lister to find out how.

Your video makes me want to read this book.
2/10/2020 9:41:27 PM
I adore the bird! Also, I liked how you dress up to be a different character.
2/10/2020 7:02:24 PM
ummm nice editing!
2/8/2020 5:51:03 PM
Cool video. Most Likely Picking this book because of the video.
2/8/2020 1:15:44 PM
I don’t want this book
2/7/2020 9:46:14 AM
I so want to read the book
2/6/2020 9:53:42 PM
Your video made me want to read the book!!
2/6/2020 7:50:18 PM
your video made me really want to read this book
2/4/2020 7:22:18 PM
I liked how you put on a costume and changed your voice to act like Rabbi Goodman.
2/3/2020 4:17:04 PM
this post seems cool but i stopped it in the middle because i was worried about spoilers.
2/2/2020 5:02:20 PM
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