The Sound of Freedom by Aaron

Posted May 23, 2019  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

Hi, I'm Aaron. I just read a book called The Sound of Freedom, by Kathy Kacer and I'd rate it 5 out of 5 stars. It's about a Jewish girl named Anna, who lives in Poland in 1936. Anna knows that Poland isn't safe for Jews anymore, but her father wants to stay. Will she be able to convince him to leave before the Nazis come? Read The Sound of Freedom to find out.


8/13/2019 11:02:43 AM
interesting. very interesting
6/8/2019 5:51:54 PM
I am excited to read this book!!
6/5/2019 7:05:17 PM
I chose this book and wasn’t sure if I’d like it but it looks fantastic. Thank you for this.
6/5/2019 6:58:25 PM
Really curious to find out what happens!!
6/5/2019 1:39:14 PM
She wants this book The Sound of Freedom.
6/3/2019 4:24:14 PM
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