One is Not a Lonely Number

Posted December 01, 2017  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

Being an only child is hard in an observant Jewish community. You would think it would mean getting some peace and quiet, but Talia’s parents keep inviting people to stay during Shabbat – it’s like a hotel!
Gabbers seams like a good nickname for a gabrielle who talks to much.
3/3/2018 3:40:13 PM
The Chef
Sounds like a great book I will check it out!
1/10/2018 9:24:11 PM
This video was cute I want to read the book 📖
12/28/2017 8:23:52 PM
Why so mean to Gabrielle??
12/7/2017 10:47:32 PM
12/4/2017 7:54:08 PM
What a cute video! Now, I really want to read the book!

Thank you!
12/3/2017 11:30:54 AM
Wow! That was an amazing video! I am going to chose this book right away!
12/1/2017 6:24:45 PM
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