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very funny

Review by cocoluc16

it was good

Jul 02, 2018 08:17 PM
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Sooooooooooooo funny

Review by HarryPotterRocks9

This book is a great book it is soooooooo funny and you should read this book if you like funny books.

Jun 06, 2018 07:35 PM
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Great book

Review by JillianT

Great story.

Jun 05, 2018 10:44 PM
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stupidly awesome

Review by PIANO4LIFE

Jun 02, 2018 07:17 PM
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Review by MagicalAnimal8

Your know how your parents and grown-up relatives embarrass your and annoy you sometimes? Well, that's what happens in this book. Ben's Zeyde comes to visit and annoys Ben. Ben likes learning how to make toilet paper things off the internet, but his Zeyde is using all the toilet paper! Then, they don't have enough $$$ to pay the rent for their apartment, much less toilet paper! Read this AMAZINGLY AWESOME book to find out what happens!

Jun 02, 2018 05:22 PM