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Great book!!!

Review by F6

This book was funny and clever it has a bunch of short great stories I read this book over and over again

Jun 02, 2021 02:37 PM
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Review by 11006755

I love this book. It is a funny and witty book.

Jun 01, 2021 10:28 PM
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Great Graphic Novel...Even Greater Rabbi.

Review by DalaiMommaDrama

Name's Caleb. This is my review: I got very excited to pick a graphic novel. I love them. Easy to read with great pictures. This story was good. I laugh to think of a Rabbi that seems to act like a cowboy. He's looking for work. He finds trouble and he solves it. All his help and advice is funny. Strange sometimes but also very funny. He gives everyone great advice and he does it with a kind heart. That's what makes this book so special. Funny jewish folktales helps smaller kids to understand and appreciate like my little brother did when my mother read this to us.

Jun 01, 2021 09:09 PM
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Review by SSOIPresident

It was a funny book to me

Jun 01, 2021 07:14 PM
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Will read again

Review by Maitaig22

Very good read, I liked the ending!

Jun 01, 2021 05:44 PM