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The seventh hand maiden

Review by Deovrah10

Such an awesome book

Apr 01, 2021 08:07 PM
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Good book and unique

Review by MiracleMyrtle

This is a really cool book about a slave girl for Queen Esther. I like how it takes place in the time of the Megillah, and while some parts are made up it also includes the story of the Megillah and even some details I didn't know before. Keep in mind though, that as it says in the Author's note, some of the story is only according to one opinion about what happened.

Apr 01, 2021 07:15 PM
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Hope theres a sequel!

Review by 2bgreat

Amazing book, I can't wait to read more of this story and more from this author.

Apr 01, 2021 04:59 PM
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Review by sivan8

The book is amazing probably my favourite book so far. I 100% suggest it for anyone.

Apr 01, 2021 02:14 PM
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Review by Alexja882

So good! Everyone has to read this! It has the original story of Purim with a lot more!

Mar 31, 2021 05:38 PM