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Third book in the trilogy...

Review by girlartist

I really wanted to read this book , but, then i found out this is a trilogy, and that this is the third book in the trilogy, so I suggest reading them in this order -> Once <- before -> Then<- and ->Now<- after -> Then<-

Apr 04, 2016 12:58 PM
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Review by crumplebelly

Mar 02, 2016 11:29 AM
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I really enjoyed this book!

Review by Design Team

NOW, written by Morris Gleitzman, is a book about a girl named Zelda and her grandfather who was a holocaust survivor, and their amazing relationship. NOW is the third book in a series, but it made sense even if you didn’t read the first two books (which I didn’t). NOW started out very sweet, but soon became the saddest book I have ever read. NOW would make a great movie because it is full of emotion, action and so many things that would make it fun to not just read, but watch too. Zelda was named after her grandfather’s non-Jewish friend who died in the holocaust but just wanted to be with Felix, the grandfather. Also, the current day Zelda’s parents moved away to Africa, so that’s why she is living with her grandfather. My favorite part of the book was when, at the end, Zelda decided to be brave like the Zelda before her, and changed her life and her family’s lives just by saying something that was on her mind; she wanted everyone in her family to stay together. I really enjoyed reading this book (although it was very difficult at times) and I hope you feel the same way! By Margalit, age 11, Pennsylvania

Mar 01, 2016 02:50 AM