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So good and interesting

Review by SophiaP

You should read this book because its sooo interesting and fun to read. Sydney and her best friend Maggie switch places. Sydney was good at reading but Maggie was signed up for reading Sydney was signed up for dance and they both wanted each other classes so they switched please injoy this amazing book and tell us all about it

Jul 24, 2021 08:15 AM
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Review by kittymeowmeow

The book was a super cool and exciting book for the whole family!

Jul 18, 2021 02:21 PM
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Sooooooooo good!!!

Review by StellaLeiber

I loved this book! Sydney Frankel and her BFF Maggie Stein, or “Frankelstein”, have a huge mix-up when they switch places so they can take summer classes that the really want to take. It’s actually pretty realistic, and also not. This book was one of the best book I have ever read!!!!!!!!! 🤩😄 I really hope you read this book!

Jul 14, 2021 02:12 PM
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Pretty Good!!

Review by Mirrel

My fave book I got so far at PJ Our Way - Pretty good! I've read better books before, but it's very good! Out of all the options last month, whoever didn't pick this should have.

Jul 12, 2021 07:57 PM
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Great book!

Review by Hh2012

I really liked how this book had things that could happen in real life. I also liked how Sydney and her friend stay friends no matter what. I love Sydney A. Frankel’s Summer Mix-Up!

Jul 10, 2021 10:25 AM