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Awesome Book

Review by Llovesbooks

The book was really good. I liked the story which was very adventurous.

Aug 02, 2021 07:54 PM
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Sydney Frankel’s Summer Mix Up

Review by Ariellejoy

This book was so funny! The best friends kept getting themselves in so much trouble. They were also so smart and figuring out how not to get caught. I loved this book!

Aug 02, 2021 07:51 PM
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Review by bookchat

This is a good book and Sydney is very funny in this book. I would recommend it to people that like funny books and books that have people trading places.🙂

Aug 02, 2021 05:12 PM
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Review by twirl

I loved this book. it taught you to be confident and stand up for what you really want. it had a lot of high vocabulary words and was interesting to read.

Aug 01, 2021 10:35 PM
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Love it!

Review by tigerbook2

I loved this book. It was funny and had a great adventure-not adventure. It was not a book about a spy sneaking away to go on a mission, but every book has it's adventures.

Aug 01, 2021 01:06 PM