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Great book!

Review by PJPanther

This book is amazing! Will Chole stick with the popular group or to her true calling? Read this to find out!

May 01, 2021 08:12 PM
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Amazing! And a tiny bit sad

Review by Kasey

I really like this book! It's a tiny bit sad. But in the end everything is happy! I rate this 4 1/2 stars! I would really recommend this book!

Apr 08, 2021 12:22 PM
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Not bad, but generic

Review by Magickid1

It's really nice how the friends help each other

Apr 05, 2021 02:24 PM
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Not bad, but generic

Review by Incileah

It's fine, but it didn't really have a unique, engaging plot. I don't really suggest it.

Mar 10, 2021 07:16 PM
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What it's like to be new at school

Review by TKDDMKID

This book features Chloe, who is a fifth grader at a new school. She is kind of shy at first, but she learns new stuff when she gets used to being there. I love that she likes getting friends. The friends are very nice.

Mar 05, 2021 05:40 PM