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One of my total faves!

Review by CBBookworm

This book is great! I read it with my Dad, and we both liked it a lot! The story is so funny, and it is difficult to write a book from multi person perspective, take it from someone who has done it, yet this story captures and does it beutifuly. The same situation, but from multiple children's perspectives, each one funny and sad in different ways, Intriguing, I can not say how incredible this book is!

Jun 01, 2022 08:46 PM
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Disappointing book

Review by StuG

This book was disappointing. It was confusing.

Jun 01, 2022 07:29 PM
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a bit confusing

Review by SunshineDay

Julie finds a baby on the front steps of the library where she's on vacation just before a party! She takes the baby and realizises her enemy, Bruno, an actually pretty nice kid, is following her. I thought this book was confusing because most of it was reviewing life before they found the baby. But the ending few chapters get a bit better. Be warned- you will find there's a secret in the story and be in suspense untill the end.

Jun 01, 2022 05:45 PM
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Review by eris123

I totally agree with ajweldon77

May 17, 2022 02:29 PM
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Review by eris123

Oh my gosh, The 11 year old in this is sooo annoying!

May 17, 2022 02:26 PM