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Liked it.

Review by Squirrel8045

She seemed real.

Oct 07, 2022 02:58 PM
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Review by ChloBella

i like very detailed and advanced books. This is better for younger kids. It does show a deep message though. It's not good written or have a good plot.

Oct 06, 2022 11:32 AM
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Review by LunaES

Really cringey, unrealistic, boring, super predictable…… Its fine for a younger audience, like 2end or 3erd graders, 6-8 year olds. Its not amazing or anything so meh. 😐

Oct 01, 2022 06:58 PM
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Adina at Her Best

Review by law2012

This book is inspiring, because it shows a girl named Adina who helps someone in need. This story took place in Rancho Los Cerritos, California on a field trip. My favorite part of the story was Adina supporting Mr. Gonzales. I would recommend this book to a friend.

Sep 20, 2022 02:14 PM
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Review by LadyB

the book was pretty boring

Sep 05, 2022 01:49 PM