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Great Book

Review by ReadingGirl12

This book taught me that even though things get rough in life you can always look on the bright side.

Oct 05, 2016 07:40 PM
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Looks Unique and Impressive!

Review by allstar00

When I saw this book for the month, I knew it was going to be intense. I love reading diaries, and books with interesting plots. When I read the reviews and summaries, I started to like it even more. What's better than a good diary about a girl moving from New York to Texas? When you think about that, it seems interesting. I can't wait for it to come! I love reading and I think this book will expand my love of books. Overall it looks great and I can't wait!

Oct 03, 2016 10:11 PM
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I would recommend this book for people who like reading diaries and like learning about living in the countryside.

Review by Design Team

Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down!! Katie Roberts misses her father dearly after his death in World War II. But now, Katie is facing other problems. Why does her mother have to marry Sam Gold?? Why does she have to move to the country?? (She sure loves it in the city!) Read more in her diary to find out what she will do! By Ayla, Pennsylvania

Oct 01, 2016 12:57 PM