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Amazing book!

Review by thirdearl

I loved this book, and the whole series. I recommend it to children of all ages.

Jun 02, 2017 07:03 PM
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Review by swimmergirl2007

I liked this book because of how surprising and funny the story was. The author gave a lot of details. I liked this book so much I got the whole series! This book was one of the best books I have ever read!

May 07, 2017 02:11 PM
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How this book compares to my family

Review by rysalka

So.......... lets see More of a Kind Family.

May 07, 2017 02:08 PM
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This Was A Great book

Review by terpjk

It was a GREAT and funny book at the end it was a little sad but their was a happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It taught me that family, friends, and love is more important than anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also shows how to get through problems and still have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a great story I totally recommend it for somebody 8+older.

May 06, 2017 11:28 AM
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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by ORGoose

Some parts were a little scary but otherwise it was awesome.

Apr 19, 2017 03:40 PM