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Review by bfam

This book was really bad, don’t bother reading it. It will wast your free time.

Mar 04, 2018 04:31 PM
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I loved it so much

Review by batsheva1

you should read this book I loved it so much if you loved this book you should read more all of a kind family books I loved the other book

Feb 04, 2018 06:26 PM
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Amazing!!! Can they make another?!

Review by s0ph1a9

I absolutely loved this book! I owned and loved the first one, so I was super excited when I saw it was a choice. You should read this book. :)

Jan 08, 2018 06:07 PM
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good book

Review by Readinatree

Jan 02, 2018 04:52 PM
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Amazing book in the history of books I could not live without this series

Review by rosereader

I am a only child so reading this book was facinating. You really get to live in the big family and spend time with them. The author tells the book so well that you really get to live with everybody the troublemaker the cute one the daydreaming one the responsible one the middle one and the only boy. I would to meet all these characters you must read this book!

Dec 09, 2017 01:44 PM