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Kind of bad kind of fine

Review by Rainbowbear

This book was bad because it had a lot of dead ends like when Katie and babushka have matching watches and you think it's going to lead to a mystery of some sort but the author gets distracted or something and doesn't finish their thought. I also felt that it was kind of good because it had a lot of mystery and potential. However the main characters had lots of secrets and I just felt like the author would do better writing his thoughts down, because there was an interesting storyline and then having someone else actually write the book. Overall I didn't like it but I didn't hate it.

Dec 02, 2018 09:14 PM
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Such a great book!!!

Review by kindcow

Paper Chains is such a great book. The main characters, Katie and Ana, have very different stories and both are combined into a friendship that stays true throughout the story. I would definitely consider reading other books by this author. I loved this book!!!! :)

Dec 02, 2018 01:13 PM
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Review by PuppiesRock

I have only read until the fifth chapter, and I already love it!

Dec 02, 2018 10:41 AM
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Loved it

Review by KittyKit

This Is One Of PJ Our Ways best books! 😊

Dec 01, 2018 02:52 PM
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Review by SRC2010

This was a great book, but the reason I marked it four stars is because I didn't like when Mikey had to have surgery So, if you don't like hospitals and surgery, I don't really recommend this book But if you don't care, I will recommend this book

Nov 27, 2018 08:59 AM