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I have no words

Review by brobreaks

OMGNTHIS IS THE BEST PJ OUR WAY BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!!!!!!!!! This book was sooooooooooo good. It was packed with mystery and action. It was also impowering that a 12 year old girl can be almost as smart as Einstien himself. This book was really well written and would recommend to anyone and everyone. I have all good things to say about Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation. My favorite part was probably all the mysteries because it was really cool how it all came together at the end. Everyone should read this book!!

Jul 12, 2024 01:40 AM
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Review by pinkeagle

Amazing story line. Only thing was there was a little too much language for younger readers. If you’re over 10 I would recommend this book. It’s also the beginning of a series if you’re interested. 👍🏼

Jul 06, 2024 01:43 AM
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Definitely Read Charlie Thorn And The Last Equation

Review by Cmb1

Charlie Thorn is such a good book! I say that about most books I read, but this one especially sticks out to me. I LOVE learning about history and Einstein, and some suspense just makes it better! This book lead me to lots of discussions with my dad, and I have to admit that I do love math! This is a really suspenseful, fun, exciting, and interesting book! Make sure to read the prologue, because it gives background knowledge that you need to understand the book. The best part is, if you read this book and love it, you can read more of the books in the series. Stuart Gibbs wrote more series’ that you can read! If you’re still intrigued, (which I certainly was) read this book!

Jul 02, 2024 05:53 PM
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Charlie Thorne in the last equation

Review by oliviaps33

Reviewed by Israel This is one of Best books I’ve ever read because it includes this world, smartest person known as Albert Einstein in his book. Charlie Thorne is living her normal 12 year old life until her half brother comes along and tries user to solve the last equation known as Pandora if you choose this book you should read it to find out what happens.

Jun 07, 2024 07:16 PM
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so good

Review by Everybodyiscool

it was very good

Jun 05, 2024 08:53 PM