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Review by Ellieboo26

I started this book, but I didn't like it and it was pretty boring so I kinda just gave up on it in the middle of reading it, it was just... bleh. Y'know? So, this wasn't the book for me, andI wouldn't recommend it, but hey, if you want to choose it, it's not my problem, go ahead.

Apr 13, 2023 04:03 PM
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Great book!

Review by danielminecraft

I really like this book because its funny and is a good story!

Nov 03, 2022 05:13 PM
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Review by LadyB

i didnt really like the book so much

Sep 05, 2022 01:48 PM
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Review by eaglet284

It was a hit or a miss with some parts of the book and thankfully, it was mostly a hit

Aug 03, 2022 09:22 PM
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great book

Review by Sara8

I thought this book was very good. especially if you like magic.

May 08, 2022 06:16 PM