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Jordan and the Dreadful Golem

Review by Karategirl21

Jordan and the Dreadful Golem is an amazing book! I highly recommend it. It is a book with suspense. What I like about this book is the way that the author chose powers specific to their names. Jordan has water powers and Eden has the power to create from thoughts. This book has so much tension, but its humor is irreplaceable. I really recommend this book!

Jan 10, 2024 06:43 PM
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Best book ever

Review by J3diDinoC0wboySith

Loved it

Nov 10, 2023 07:01 PM
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haiku about this book

Review by HOFell

I loved it so much it was super awesome sauce I recommend it

Oct 03, 2022 06:44 PM
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Review by Anabelle1110

This was not the best book, but it wasn't too bad- it was really action packed, and I liked the premis of the story

Aug 08, 2022 03:54 PM
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Pretty Good!

Review by Pup

I liked it but it was a little boring at some parts.

Feb 03, 2022 11:15 AM