PJ Our Way Does Purim!

PJ Our Way Does Purim!

Amazing and fun videos, activities, and ideas for Purim!

Purim traditions include dressing up, sharing gift baskets or mishloach manot with friends, making noise by shaking groggers, and staying up late with your friends and community. People give tzedakah and read the Book of Esther, or megillah, which shares the story of how the Jews of Persia were saved from annihilation. Want to know more? Check out the sections below!


As Told by Jeremy: The Purim Story (With Toys!)

Hanah Explains It All: The Four Mitzvot (Commandments) of Purim


The Seventh Handmaiden book cover

The Seventh Handmaiden by Judith Pransky

Handmaiden to the secretive Lady Esther, Darya has uncovered a treacherous plot that could endanger them all. Can she save the people she cares about and discover the truth about her past?

The Queen of Persia book cover

The Queen of Persia by Moshe Moscowitz

This hilarious graphic novel contains details based on a Midrashic (ancient Rabbinic interpretation) understanding of the Purim story. It tells the story of how Queen Esther miraculously rescued the Persian Jewish community from the evil Haman with vibrant illustrations, kid-friendly jokes, and clever quizzes.

Whatever After: Two Peas in a Pod book cover

Whatever After: Two Peas in a Pod by Sarah Mlynowski

Abby and her brother enter a fairy-tale world through a mirror in their basement, right into a fractured version of The Princess and the Pea. When the Kingdom of Bog anoints Abby as its new princess, she decides to run a contest to find her strongest, bravest and kindest successor. Abby’s princess contest is inspired by the story of Purim, when King Ahasuerus searches for a replacement for Queen Vashti and marries the courageous Queen Esther.


Mischloach Manot – Made by Nathalie! 

Hettie’s Giant Paper Hamantaschen

Paper Chains from Paper Chains


Bella’s Favorite Hamantaschen

Joseph’s Creative Pastries

Sophie’s Cookie Surprises


What Was Your Purim Costume?

Check out some cool costume ideas from PJ Our Way kids, then tell us about your costume in the comments!

What’s Your Superpower? with Dov Smiley

See the results of a Purim event featuring comic book artist Dov Smiley.

Heroes, Golems, and Identities: A Purim Activity

PJ Our Way Professional Heather Paul suggests an activity for parents to do with their children that fits in perfectly with the spirit of Purim.


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The little toys are so cute!

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This all looks so cool! I actually chose The Seventh Handmaiden! It's really good. We did the hamantaschen recipe at the following website: It's really yummy, but instead of 1/5" thick, we did 1/4" thick, and instead of strawberry jam, we did blueberry jam, and we made our own almond flour.

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I think that I will try out some of the activities 

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sounds fun.

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Yay! Purim is just around the corner! how fun! thank you PJourway!

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That stuff is so cool!

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